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Exercise #5 Due BEFORE CLASS on October 27, 2010 Rules: You may use any reference you would like. You are encouraged to help each other, but please write your own answers. Remember, no late work is accepted. Please – clearly identify your answers (circle them). - staple your pages together if you have more than one page. The image above shows a calcite rhomb. The dashed line indicates the c crystallographic axis. A. On the image a) draw one line that represents the plane that contains all of the a axes (don’t try to draw this in 3-D); b) indicate where the n
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Unformatted text preview: ε , n ϖ , and one n ε ’ vibration directions occur; c) indicate where the optic axis and the circular section occur. B. In the circle to the right of the image a) draw the interference figure you would expect to see if the mineral was sliced perpendicular to the c crystallographic axis; b) indicate the directions of vibration in the upper right and lower right quadrants, at one location on the cross hairs, and in the middle of the diagram (where the cross hairs cross); c) indicate if the vibration directions are n ε , n ϖ , or n ε ’....
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