Homework #7 - For the first two minerals assume no Wo (i.e....

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Exercise #7 Due BEFORE CLASS on November 15, 2010 Rules: You may use any reference you would like. You are encouraged to help each other, but please write your own answers. Remember, no late work is accepted. Please – show all calculations - clearly identify your answers (circle them). - staple your pages together if you have more than one page. (1) On the given ternary diagram precisely plot the location of the listed minerals (Enstatite – En, Ferrosilite = Fs, Wollastonite = Wo).
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Unformatted text preview: For the first two minerals assume no Wo (i.e. solid solution only between En and Fs). En 40 , Fs 20 , CaMgSi 2 O 6 , CaMg 0.5 Fe 0.5 Si 2 O 6, Ca 0.99 Mg 0.45 Fe 0.56 Si 2 O 6 2) For En 40 and Fs 20 , write out the complete formula. For these minerals assume no Ca substitution in the structure 3) Write out the complete formula with all subscripts stoichiometrically correct for En 20 Fs 30 Wo 50 ....
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