Introduction - (1 Naturally occurring • Why not synthetic...

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Objectives of Mineralogy (1) Learn chemical properties of minerals • crystallography – spatial arrangement of atoms • crystal chemistry – what atoms are in a mineral? Why? (2) Analytical methods: • Physical Properties – visual observations • Polarizing microscope • X-ray diffraction (3) Identify, classify, organize minerals Earth science : Earth history and processes Geology : tools to study of rocks Rocks (Petrology): composed of minerals Minerals (Mineralogy): chemical compounds Minerals 1
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Mineral – A naturally occurring, homogeneous solid with a defined (but generally not fixed) chemical composition and an ordered atomic arrangement.
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Naturally occurring: • Why not synthetic? E.g. man-made diamonds? (2) Homogeneous solid • Cannot be physically broken into new compounds Can they be broken chemically? If so, what do they break into? • Why solid? (3) Defined, but not fixed composition • Minerals have specific (i.e. defined) chemical compositions • Compositions may vary For example: • Substitution • Solid solution (4) Ordered atomic arrangement • Crystallography • Why minerals are named, not formulas • Names are specific – include chemistry and crystallography 2 for example: Calcite Aragonite CaCO 3 CaCO 3 3...
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Introduction - (1 Naturally occurring • Why not synthetic...

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