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Structural_Defects_and_postcrystallization - Structural...

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Structural Defects • Disruptions in ordered arrangement of crystals - common in natural materials • Arranged in point, line, or plane defects Point Defects • vacant sites • atoms out of correct position • extraneous atoms or ions • substituted atoms or ions • Schottky defects - vacancy: cation balanced by anion - 1:1 ratio vacancy if similar charge, e.g. halite - can be more complex with higher charge • Frenkel defects - mislocation defects - generally cations because smaller - no change in charge balance • Impurity Defects - interstitial defects: ions or atoms in sites not normally occupied 1
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* require balance - substitution defect: substitution of one ion for ion of the structure * really identical to substitution, depends on expectation of pure composition. Line Defect • Deformation common in minerals (tectonics) • Deformation accommodated by favored crystallographic planes and directions • Not all bonds broken at once: - break along dislocation lines - edge or screw dislocations Planar Defects
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Structural_Defects_and_postcrystallization - Structural...

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