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GLY3200 - Principles of Mineralogy Fall, 2010 Introduction: Introduction Chap. 1 Crystallography Symmetry and point groups 6-18 Crystal faces and miller indices 19-23 Zones, Forms, and Habits 23-34 Mineral studies Introduction to optics and the microscope 114-121 Refractometry 151-156 121-122 Introduction to and optics of anisotropic minerals 122-159 Optical Indicatrix 130-133 Color, pleochroism, extinction angle, elongation 136-139 X-ray diffraction 160-168 Crystal Chemistry Basic chemistry Chap. 3 Crystal structure and Pauling’s Rules 57–65 Substitutions and Ternary Diagrams 65-72 Mineral Stability and Stability Diagrams 74-84 Twinning and Postcrystallization Processes
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Unformatted text preview: 87-93 Systematic mineralogy Systematic mineralogy and introduction to silicates 183-200 Nesosilicates 291-305 Neso-, soro-, and cyclo-silicates 305-325 Ino and Phyllosilicates 235-289 Tectosilicates 201-234 Carbonates, sulfides, phosphates 326-355 Oxides, hydroxides, halides, native elements 356-404 Rocks and minerals – introduction to petrology Classes Canceled Labor Day Sept. 6 Homecoming Oct. 15 Thanksgiving Nov. 25 Possible Mid-term Exam dates: 1 st Mid-term, September 27 2 nd Mid-term, November 3 FINAL EXAM – Cumulative and mandatory; Thursday, Dec. 17 th , 7:30 to 9:30 am...
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