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Zones, Forms, Habits Crystallographic Directions: • Linear feature of crystals: [hkl] • Referenced to unit cell dimensions of lattice nodes Zones: • Collection of common faces • Parallel to common line • Line called zone axis • Identified by index: [hkl] • Zone axis parallels intersection of edges of faces Form – formal crystallographic nomenclature for shapes of crystals • Collection of crystal faces • Related to each other by symmetry • Identified by index: {hkl} • hkl are values of one of the faces Example • There are six face in the cube: (100), (010), (001), (100), (010), (001). • Form is {001} • Possible to determine form given: 1
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- Point symmetry - location of one face • Two types of forms: - open form: does not enclose a volume - closed form: encloses a volume • Minerals can have only one closed form • Minerals must have more than one form if they contain an open form Isometric Forms: • 15 possible forms • 4 common ones: - cube {001} - octahedron {111} - tetrahedron {111} - dodecahedron {110} Nonisometric Forms • 10 types of nonisometric forms: Pedion (open): - single face - no symmetrically identical face Pinacoid (open): - two parallel faces - related by inversion of mirror 2
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Zones_Forms_Habits - Zones, Forms, Habits Crystallographic...

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