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(1) How heavy/light is the workload for this course compared with other courses you are taking this year? Much lighter Lighter About the same Heavier Much Heavier (2) How is the pace in this course? Too slow A bit slow Just right A bit too fast Too fast (3) How challenging do you find this course? Too easy A bit easy Just right A bit difficult Too difficult (4) How well is this course meeting your expectations so far? Not at all Not very well Adequately
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Unformatted text preview: Well Very Well (5) What are the important features to retain the next time this course is taught? (6) What are the most important changes you would suggest the next time this course is taught? (7) Just a comment from me: I would like you to come to my office hours if you are struggling with the course. Don’t struggle or be lost on your own. Hopefully, together, we can work out a plan for you to do better in class....
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