2008Exam1 - CE 561 Exam 1 November 7 2008 This exam...

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CE 561, Exam 1, November 7, 2008 This exam consists of 3 questions, each with multiple parts. You should be careful not to get stuck on one part. If you do not know how to do a problem, move on and return to it if you have time at the end. You may use a calculator and three letter-size sheets (2-sided) of notes to aid you on this exam. You may not exchange notes with or otherwise consult your fellow students. If you talk to your fellow students during the exam, I will assume that you are cheating, you will be asked to leave, and you will fail the exam. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam. Please use a separate blue book for each exam problem. Carefully explain any assumptions you make, label what part of what problem you are working on, and define the symbols that you use. The point value of each part is indicated – budget your effort accordingly. There are 100 points total. 1. Consider the following two reactions: (1) A B with rate r 1 = k 1 C A (2) B C with rate r 2 = k 2 C B k 3 C C (a) Write these reactions in matrix form. (5 points) (b) Write the rate equations for the concentrations of the three species in matrix form. (5 points) (c) Explain how you would solve these equations to obtain expressions for the concentrations of A,
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2008Exam1 - CE 561 Exam 1 November 7 2008 This exam...

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