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CE 561 Homework 4: (assigned 09/21/09, due 09/29/09 ) (1) Use collision theory to estimate the pre-exponential factor for the reaction OH + CH 3 Cl H 2 O + CH 2 Cl at 298 K. Use a hard-sphere collision diameter of 4.2 Å for CH 4 and 3.2 Å for OH. Report your result in cm 3 mol -1 s -1 and compare your result to the experimental value of 2.4 × 10 12 cm 3 mol -1 s -1 . If we were to assign a ‘steric factor’ or ‘reaction probability’ for this reaction, what would it be? (2) The Lennard-Jones diameter and well depth for argon (from viscosity data) are 3.418 Å and 124.0 K, respectively (well-depths are usually given in temperature units, the corresponding energy in Joules is given by multiplying by Boltzmann's constant in J/K). At low enough temperatures, two argon atoms could form a weakly-bound diatomic 'molecule' (held together by only dispersion forces). (a) If the two argon atoms obey the Lennard-Jones potential, what will be the equilibrium 'bond length' in the argon dimer? (b) What will be the fundamental vibrational frequency of the dimer?
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