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hw10 - CE 561 Homework 10 Assigned due(1(2(adapted from...

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CE 561 Homework 10: Assigned 11/11/09, due 11/16/09 (1) (adapted from Chemical Reaction Engineering and Kinetics by Missen, Mims, and Saville) Calculate the total reactor volume required, in an adiabatic ideal plug-flow reactor, to achieve 60% fractional conversion of Cl 2 and a total vinyl chloride production rate of 10 kg/hr in the steady-state production of vinyl chloride from chlorine and ethylene via the gas phase reaction: Cl 2 + C 2 H 4 → C 2 H 3 Cl + HCl The molar ratio of ethylene to chlorine in the feed is 20. The reactor operates at a pressure of 1 bar. The feed enters the reactor at 593 K. For similar conditions, with a large excess of ethylene, the reaction was reported to be pseudo-first order in Cl 2 and the measured pseudo first order rate constant at several temperatures was as follows: T (K) 593 613 633 653 k (1/s) 2.23 6.73 14.3 32.6 Suggest an appropriate length and diameter for an empty tubular reactor to carry out this reaction, if the Reynolds number in the reactor should be at least 10,000 to ensure turbulent flow in the tube.
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