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Department of Civil Engineering State University of New York at Buffalo CIE 565 A. Scott Weber Biological Principles of Env. Engr. Fall 1997 Homework 3 Due October 15, 1996 A former industrial facility contains soil and groundwater contaminated by a variety of organics. These organics can be collectively grouped as sugars and short chain organic acids. Conventional remediation techniques which involve the collection of the groundwater and treatment at the surface do not appear feasible for this site. The soil structure is however, permeable which would allow recirculation of water through the soil which would facilitate soil treatment. Based on this information, it has been proposed that the cleanup be conducted by in- situ (in place) bioremediation by recirculating water through the contaminated soil. It has been further suggested that the recirculation water contain oxygen and ammonia to stimulate the biodegradation of the organics. Other nutrients for bacterial growth are present in sufficient
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