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Unformatted text preview: ig- a; r _ I 9 (“NW rim L E“ they . _=uA-l' 3- km” ._._._... H' “3‘. B ‘ I b EM "gt; .I'Ifld‘ F31;- . . Some enterprising SYS 336 students decide to hold a car wash to raise money for tuition andlor refi'sshments. Working as a team, the produce a translational input with linear force F and linear velocity v as shown on the Iefi side of the drawing. The input goes through a compliant shaft, modeled by the linear spring k. The team captain sits on the input to the M—E translational tansducer, modeled with mass m and linear friction coefficient b. The output of this transducer drives on electrical cumin-Which in turn drives a rotational motorwithdamping Em and inertia Jm,whichdrives apump,whichpumps waterfromLake LaSalle andthroughafluidsyswmtothecarwash. Theoutputofthesystem isthe output flowrate at the car wash. An enterprising SYS 336 student decides to hold a car wash to raise money for tuition andfor refreshments. The student engages in some wild dancing on shag carpeting as shown on the left side of the drawing. The friction produces a voltage source input es, which drives an electrical circuit, which in turn drives a rotational motor with damping Bm and inertia 1m, which drives a pump, which pumps water from Lake LaSalle and through a fluid system to the car wash. The output ofthe system is the output flow rate at the car wash. ...
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