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MAE 340 --- Systems Analysis CONGRATULATIONS! You are at the beginning of a milestone course in your engineering education! Lecture: Prof. D. Joseph Mook  Lab: Prof. Venkat Krovi Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 1008 Furnas Hall and 300 Bonner Hall 1011 Furnas Hall Phone: 645-2593 Ext. 1133 Phone: 645-2593 Ext. 2264 E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours (Bonner): Tu, Th, 12:30--2:00 p.m. Office Hrs: By appointment e-mail questions always welcome! Goals: 1. To learn how to model many different types of physical and/or engineering systems in standard linear form. 2. To learn how to analyze a linear model in the time domain, in the frequency domain, and in the Laplace domain. 3. To use your modeling and analysis skills to better understand the design and performance of engineering systems of all kinds. Textbook: Shearer, J.L., Kulakowski, B.T. and Gardner, J.F., Dynamic Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems
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