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finalexamtopics - Final Exam Topic List for STA 4211 Know...

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Final Exam Topic List for STA 4211 Know the meaning of the terms: factor, factor levels, experimental units, experimental factors vs observational factors, chance variation, comparative studies, randomization, paired data, blocking, crossed vs nested factors, factorial designs, nested designs,repeated measures designs. What are the ingredients in the ANOVA method, what is ANOVA testing and how is the test conducted? What are the Tukey and the Bonferroni methods for making multiple comparisons among levels of the single factor? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? In a two-factor study, what is the difference between a Main Effects (Additive) Model and an Interaction Model? What is tested with ANOVA in this problem setting and how is it performed (including the sequencing of the steps)? What follow-up procedures would be used when an ANOVA is significant? What is the problem that occurs when we have one observation per cell and what two things can we do about it? What is the purpose of the Tukey Test for Additivity?
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