Study Guide Exam 4 final fall 07

Study Guide Exam 4 final fall 07 - Study Guide Final Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide Final Exam --- GPH-210 Chapters 10, 11, Water Issues, Chapter 18, Jeremys Honors Presentation, Patricks Solar Cells Presentation; UN Millennium Development Goals EXAM is MONDAY DEC 3 rd , same time as class 50 questions same basic format; 4 pages of notes both sides (8 sides in all) Chapter 10 1. Which is the longest river in the US; what are some benefits and drawbacks for people along this river? 2. Human bodies are composed of how much water? 3. How much of planets water is fresh water; how much is salt? 4. What is surface water? What is groundwater? What is an aquifer? What is a watershed or drainage basin? What is a floodplain? What is saltwater intrusion? 5. Where is the Ogallala Aquifer? What is the main environmental issue associated with the aquifer? 6. Global Water Issues (p.243-244) What are some of the issues and places discussed in this section? 7. what is sustainable water use? 8. Dams & Reservoirs Water chapter & Merits & Drawbacks from Ch. 18 lecture 9. What is water conservation? Micro-irrigation 10. What is water pollution; what is sewage; what is Eutrophication? 11. What are point source and non-point sources of pollution (chapter 10 and Water Issues PP) 12. Urban runoff issues see figures 10-18 & 10.19 13. Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act p. 256 & 257 14. See table 10.3, p. 257 Preventing Water Pollution at Home 15. CASE study, p. 258-259 Water pollution in developing countries how many people do not have access to clean/safe drinking water? to clean/safe drinking water?...
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Study Guide Exam 4 final fall 07 - Study Guide Final Exam...

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