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University of Florida EEL 3701 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz 18-Nov-10 Page 1/1 Revision 0 Using a Bus in Quartus Schematic Entry (bdf) Files 1 Figure 2: Schematic entry file demonstrating buses. WIRE inst NOT inst1 VCC X[ 5. . 0] INPUT Y[5. .0] OUTPUT WIRE inst2 GND X[ 2. .0] Y[2. .0] X[3] Y[3] Y[5. .4] Figure 1: Bus symbol circled in red. In Quartus schematic entry (bdf) files you can use busses.
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Unformatted text preview: There is a thick wire symbol, circled in red in Figure 1, that denotes a bus. Several example bus label are shown in Figure 2, e.g., X[5. .0], X[2. .0], Y[5. .4]. Figure 2 also shows how a single bus can be broken up into multiple parts. For example the signal X (X[5. .0]) appears as X[5. .0], X[2. .0], X[3] in various places in the schematic entry file....
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