ex0.asm - ex0.asm ;* ; file = ex0.asm ; Quick examples of...

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ex0.asm ;**************************************************************************************** ; file = ex0.asm ; Dr. Karl Gugel, May/2009 ; ; To be assembled using Code Composer Studio which requires a linker command ; file to tell CCR where to place code & data into DSP SRAM. ; The command file used = 28335_RAM_lnk.com ; Important Code locations: ; .text RAML1 (internal DSP memory) starting address = 09000 Hex, 4K Words ; .data RAML2 (internal DSP memory) starting address = 0A000 Hex, 4K Words ; ; Special Note: ; Assembler directives are used to place data and variables into memory. ; They are not F335 instructions and thus are not executed at "run-time". ; When this program is loaded into memory, the data (created above by the ; assembler) is also copied down into memory. This is called "load-time". ; .global _c_int00 ;This assembler directive allows _c_int00 to be a ;global variable. This tells the linker where your ;program (.text code) begins and where to boot from. ; ; Additional References: ; Assembler Directives: spru513c.pdf ; Memory Map/Hardware Related: sprs439e.pdf (also called 320f28335.pdf) ; ;**************************************************************************************** ;***************************** Program Constants **************************************** ; Creating constants using the .set assembler directive. This should be at the top of your ; program. This is like a define statement in C. num1
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ex0.asm - ex0.asm ;* ; file = ex0.asm ; Quick examples of...

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