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University of Florida EEL 3701 — Summer 2011 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Revision 0 22-May-11 Page 1/3 LAB 2: Logic Design OBJECTIVES: To understand the operation of Quartus as a digital design and simulation tool. To learn how to realize a digital design with descrete components (IC’s, LED’s, switches, and resistors). Note : Do not use the 74* objects of Quartus in the other|maxplus2 library when constructing a design with basic logic gates in this course. Instead use gates such as AND, NOR, NOT, etc., in the primitives | logic library. You must add the pin numbers and label each gate with the chip number (e.g., ’02 when using a 74HC02) for all designs that you will construct. MATERIALS: Hardware (Protoboard, ICs, LED's, multimeter, etc.) you received during Lab 1. Unless otherwise stated, design only with parts that you have in your kits . Layout file ( protoboard_for_layout ) on our web site Your own laptop computer. Printouts required for this and every lab: this lab document, a Pinouts document, the Quartus tutorial, the Hardware: Getting Started document, the pre-lab designs and simulations. All designs and simulations done in pre-lab must be printed and brought to lab. All simulations should be annotated (using Quartus) to highlight key points in the simulation. All Quartus schematic printouts throughout the semester should include your name, printed using Quartus and using a 20pt font. All pre-lab material is turned in at the beginning of lab. You will not get this paperwork back until the following lab. Since you are likely to need this material during lab, we suggest that you make a second copy for yourself before coming to lab. It is much easier to debug a circuit from paper then from a laptop screen. INTRODUCTION You should be familiar with the operation of the Quartus software, the breadboard functions, and basic logic design prior to arriving at the laboratory. TOTALLY OPTIONAL PRE-PRE-LAB This section is for your eyes only, i.e., it will not be turned in; it will help you understand the big picture. Do all that is described in the pre-lab below, but use a simpler equation, e.g. W = /A*B. PRE-LAB REQUIREMENTS 1. Using only AND gates with NO bubbles, OR with NO bubbles, and NOT gates, design and draw the circuit for the following logic equation. V = /[ (A + /B) * /(C * /D) ] (1) Do NOT simplify the equation: (For this part only, do not use the alternative way to draw the AND and OR gates.) The output and all the inputs are active- high. Do this by hand, i.e., without Quartus. Write the equations for intermediate inputs next to the input pins of each gate. Since you will not build this circuit, you are not limited (in this section) to parts in your lab kit. 2.
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lab2_u11_logic_design - University of Florida Department of...

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