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University of Florida EEL 3701 — Summer 2011 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Revision 1 8-Jun-11 Page 1/3 Objectives This lab is designed to introduce the student to the functioning and design of an encoder (a common MSI element) and an arithmetic logic unit (ALU). The ALU will be a building block used in future labs. Materials Your entire lab kit Your UF-3701 board and Blaster programming cable Suggested Quartus Components: In “others | maxplus2” library o 74153: Dual 4-Input MUX o 74283: 4-bit Adder In “primitives | logic” library o nand2, nor2, etc. In “primitives | pin” library o input, output In “primitives | other” library o vcc, gnd Possible, but NOT recommended: fs In “megafunctions | gates” library o mux (although I used the 74153) Read the following from the lab or Software/Docs links on our website, read them. Printout and bring the first two of these documents to lab. UF-3701 Programming WARNING ! 7064 Pin Definitions MAX 7000 specification sheet Part 1. The Priority Encoder In this part of the lab, you will design a priority encoder . The encoder has four input lines (I1-I4) and three output lines (C0:C2) as shown in Figure 1. Note: Two of the inputs and two of the outputs are active- high and the other signals are active-low . The notation in Figure 1a (with no bubbles for active-low inputs or outputs) is common. Sometimes the /I1 will appear as I1 with a bar over it. I suggest you use the drawing of Figure 1b for your designs in this course and in the future. When one of the four inputs is asserted (i.e., is true), the encoder outputs a binary code corresponding to the active input. For example, if I3 is the only input asserted, the output code will be “011”, or a binary “3”. If no inputs are asserted, the encoder will output “000”. If more than one input is active at the same time, the encoder will output a code corresponding to the highest numbered active input. For example, if both I2 and I4 are active, the encoder will output a “100”. In this case, the code for I4 is output because it has the highest priority . Pre-Lab Requirements (Encoder)
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lab4_u11_MSI_ALU - University of Florida Department of...

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