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University of Florida EEL 3701 — Summer 2011 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Revision 1 6-Jul-11 Page 1/2 Lab 7: Example State Machine: Traffic-Light Controller OBJECTIVES The objective of this lab is to design and implement a state machine using a CPLD. You will use an ASM to design a traffic light controller and implement this state machine on your proto-board using your UF-3701 CPLD board, switch circuits and LED circuits. MATERIALS Debounced switch circuit (from previous labs), switch circuits, LED circuits, and UF-3701 CPLD board Print the file Creating Graphical Components from the Software/Docs page of the website, under the Quartus heading. Bring this printout to lab. SPECIFICATIONS Design a state machine to control the traffic lights at the intersection of a main street and a cross street. To reduce the number of LEDs needed in lab, you only need to control the light outputs for the main street, not the cross street. The traffic light controller has three active-high outputs ( Red, Yellow, Green ), and two inputs: c ar w aiting at cross street [ CW(H) ] and e mergency v ehicle approaching [ (EV(L) ]. Figure 1. Traffic Light 4 lane main street 2 lane cross street Traffic light TIMING: 1. Main Street green light normally stays on for four cycles. However, if an emergency vehicle comes up to the light (while traveling down the cross street), EV will go true and this can occur during any of the four green cycles. If this occurs, the light should immediately turn
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