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Biology Review - different they are still the same species...

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Biology Review Organic Evolution is the change in allele frequency over time Evolution is the change of a certain object in general (i.e. the wheel, interior design, etc.) SimPatrick speciation- Same Country. The speciation has occurred in the same place Not frequent in animals but frequent in plants. Auto polyploidy - Same species, a diploid plant produces diploid gametes instead of haploid gametes, Allopolyploidy - Different species, a diploid plant produces diploid gametes but with different species. Usually very closely related AlPatrick speciation - Speciation has occurred in different places (different Countries). Different abiotic factors (temperature, soil, etc.) Same species, but will adapt to their environment. There is a range of phenotypes in each species, that have higher reproductive fitness so that groups moves on and they others do not. Even if they look
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Unformatted text preview: different they are still the same species, some kind of reproductive barrier would have to occur in order to have a change of species. Chapter 10- Mutations, Sexual Recombination (Crossing over in meiosis 1 in homologs. Independent assortment of the homologs, Founder Effect- You move a set of alleles out of a population into a founding population and that new population will be based on the alleles that got moved Different from Gene flow because it is a small population founding a population and Gene flow is occurring between the new population, reducing the founder effect. Mutations- Change in the gene sequence. Can occur by C T G A T C G Insertion-C T G A A T C G Deletion- C T A T C G Inversion- C T C T A G G Substition- C T G G T C G Community Ecology- Interactions of different species. What kinds of relationships can you have? Mutualism- + +...
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