Privacy_password - Please sign the note at the end of this syllabus and indicate if you waive or do not waive your privacy Last Name First Name

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University of Florida EEL 3701—Summer 2011 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz 10-May-11 Privacy, Email, and Password STUDENT PRIVACY There are federal laws protecting your privacy with regards to grades earned in courses and on individual assignments. Because of these laws (which we are now under stick instructions to enforce), assignments must not have your name on them or they must be returned individually. Exams will be returned individually (as I call each of your names). To do this for homework and quizzes (that have grade of 0, 1, or 2 in this course) would take too long. If you give expressed, written permission, these rules can be waved. If not, you can retrieve that assignment from my office within 1 week of the date I return it in class; after that, the assignment will be destroyed (shredded).
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Unformatted text preview: Please sign the note at the end of this syllabus and indicate if you waive or do not waive your privacy. Last Name: _________________________________ First Name: _____________________________ Desired E-mail (not necessarily UF): Password: (up to 10-digit, is used to retrieve grade information) Your password must be 10 alphanumeric digits or less . Please write down this password, store it in your cell phone, or email it to yourself and save this email . I WAIVE / DO NOT WAIVE (remove one) my right to privacy. By waiving my privacy rights, I am allowing Dr. Eric M. Schwartz and the EEL 3701 teaching assistants to return graded homework, quizzes, and lab assignments (but NOT exams) in any way they see fit. Virtual Signature: Date: By entering your name above, you are “signing” this document....
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