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Case 8-Balance Scorecard 1. Review the Company’s Description of Business, its MD&A, the CEO’s letter to shareholders , and its financial statements. Consider all that you have learned about the Company. Two major alternative business strategies are differentiation and cost leadership with undifferentiated products and services. What major strategy (or strategies) does the Company follow? (in your response, only consider the major business segment of the Company within North America) 2. Carefully design a balanced scorecard that dovetails with the Company’s strategic goals. Justify your choice of scorecard elements and discuss other candidates and why they
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Unformatted text preview: were not used. Include objectives, action initiatives (based on the objectives), and performance measures. You need not restrict the scorecard to performance measures directly available in the annual report. Performance measures should be specific and measurable financial and non-financial. 3. Tie the scorecard elements to the desired behavior of managers/employees and discuss any unintended consequences that could result from using the element for performance evaluation. 4. Prepare a memo to the CEO presenting the scorecard, and justifying the objectives and performance measures in the scorecard....
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