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Case 9- Just-In-Time and Quality Management 1. Review the Company’s Description of Business, its MD&A, the CEO’s letter to shareholders and its financial statements 2. Compute (if applicable) inventory turnover for each of the last three years. Is there any quantitative or qualitative evidence that the Company is using JIT? Explain the evidence. If there is no evidence that the Company has adopted JIT, provide two reasonable explanations why management has not chosen not to adopt JIT. 3. Where should the Company focus its quality control efforts? (Hint: Which activities or elements of the company are most critical to the Company’s
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Unformatted text preview: success and what are threats to its quality?) 4. List costs that the Company incurs in each of the four categories of quality costs: prevention costs, appraisal costs, internal failure costs, external failure costs. 5. Is there any evidence that the Company has undertaken a major quality initiative? If so, what tradeoffs did the Company make across the four quality cost categories in deciding to implement this initiative? 6. Prepare a memo to the CEO presenting your analysis and conclusions....
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