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ACG 3481 – Accounting Information and Business Processes I Fall 2010, Module 1 Instructor: Dr. David Reppenhagen Instructor Office Hours: Gerson 331 Thursdays 3 & 4 (9:35 – 11:30am) Contact Information: Questions: Generally post questions to Sakai Discussion forums, especially questions related to course content or coverage on exams/quizzes, rather than emailing me directly. Class website: (Sakai System Entry) – Please check often as announcements and materials will be posted to this site on a regular basis. Eyal Soffer Mondays & Wednesdays 7 (1:55-2:45pm) Room 125, email - Kira Warnock Tuesdays & Thursdays 8 (3:00-3:50pm) Room 125, email - Class Meeting Times: Section Class Lab Lab Instructor 0014 MWF 1&2 GER 126 F 3 GER 121 Kira 0015 MWF 1&2 GER 126 F 4 GER 121 Kira 5634 MWF 3&4 GER 126 F 5 GER 121 Eyal 5635 MWF 3&4 GER 126 F 6 GER 121 Eyal Objectives: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the role of information in a business organization. In general, we will begin to answer the following questions about information: o What information about the key business processes of an organization is relevant? o How does an organization capture that information? o How does an organization process that information? o How does an organization assure that the information is reliable? o How does an organization organize and report that information and to whom? o How does management use the information? Assurance of Learning Goals: Business Processes 1 and 2 introduce many of the concepts covered by the FSOA assurance of learning goals and are the first steps in the students’ mastery of important skills. This course specifically focuses on the following learning goal and objective. Learning Goal 1: Students will recognize accounting’s relationship to each fundamental business discipline.
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Learning Objective 1B: Identify the major accounting system inputs and process flows of information within the accounting system. Class: Class will be a combination of lecture, discussion and in-class assignments. Attendance is a MINIMUM requirement for success in this course. I will take attendance on 5 random days during the term to count toward your final grade. To receive credit, you must be in your assigned seat when class begins and ends. Students are expected to read the assigned chapters before the related topics are discussed in class. The PowerPoint slides for every lecture will be available on the class web site prior to the class session. You are encouraged to download the slides before class and use them for taking notes. Information missing from these slides is obtained by reading your textbooks and attending class. As the Fisher School is a professional school, I expect professional behavior in my class. This means
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Syllabus3481_Fall2010 - ACG 3481 Accounting Information and...

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