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Date Transaction Category 12/16 Received validated deposit SCR 12/16 Ordered the following PCD 12/16 Borrowed $70,000 SCR 12/19 Received customer purchase SCR 12/20 Received sales return request SCR 12/20 Increased employee wage rates P 12/22 Received merchandise PCD 12/22 Received check no 28564 SCR 12/22 Received legal notification SCR 12/23 Received all goods SCR 12/23 Received check no. 49326 SCR 12/23
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Unformatted text preview: Received vendor invoice PCD 12/23 Issued check PCD 12/23 Received check SCR 12/26 Received office supplies PCD 12/29 Issued check PCD 12/31 Received payroll time cards P 12/31 Received the laptop computers PCD 12/31 Received vendor invoice PCD SCR – Sales and cash receipts PCD – Purchases and cash disbursements P - Payroll...
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