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Final Exam Topic List for STA 4321/5325 Know the Complement Law, the Additive Law and the Multiplicative Law of Probability? What is the definition of a conditional probability? What do we mean by independent events? What is the difference between mutually exclusive and independent events? What is the multiplicative law under independence? Know the probability function, mean and variance of the Binomial and Poisson distributions. Know the nature of the geometric and hypergeometric distributions. What is the definition of a distribution function? What are the properties of a distribution function. What are the fundamental characteristics of a normal random variable? How can we use a standard normal table to evaluate probabilities for any normal distribution? Be able to perform these evaluations. Know the density for a gamma and an exponential random variable and the properties of the gamma function. Know the density of a beta random variable? Know the moment generating functions for binomial,
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