MandBDescriptions - Metes and Bounds Descriptions(see Ch 5...

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Unformatted text preview: Metes and Bounds Descriptions (see Ch. 5 of text) Structure of a Metes and Bounds Description 1. Caption: Defines the general locality (map or doc #, city, town, county, state) 2. Body: Description of precise area being conveyed 3. Qualifying Clause: Takes away a portion of land from the Body or reserves an easement 4. Augmenting Clause: Adds something to Body (e.g. easement) Examples: Caption: “A tract of land in Union District, Monongalia County, West Virginia, about 10 miles east of Morgantown on Pleasant Hill Road, more particularly described as follows: Body: Beginning at a hole in the pond; thence easterly three hatchet lengths; thence southerly six hatchet lengths…. Qualifying Clause: “Reserving an easement for access, Being the West twenty feet (20’) of the herein described tract coincident with the West line as described.” 1 Augmenting Clause: “.. and granting an easement for a drainage ditch over the westerly 125 feet..” 2 A. Components Metes and bounds descriptions are comprised of a series of “calls” that may contain the following components: a) Point of Commencement (POC) b) Point of Beginning (POB) c) Course (Bearing and Distance) d) “to” point (description of monument or adjoiner) e) Adjoiner or Bounder f) Witness reference Priority of Call components (do we give more weight to a POB versus other called-for corners? What if the adjoiner line (per adjoiner deed) does not coincide with the retraced line called for in the subject deed?line called for in the subject deed?...
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MandBDescriptions - Metes and Bounds Descriptions(see Ch 5...

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