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Unformatted text preview: MAE 552 – Heuristic Optimization Homework #1 Due Date: Friday Feb 8, 2002 Instructor: Dr. Kurt Hacker Problem One In a heuristic search algorithm, one of the primary goals is to balance the global and local search components. Discuss how this balance is problem dependent in terms of the size of the search space, the presence or absence of constraints, the shape of the response surface (i.e. the topography of the design space), the difficulty or ease of calculating the objective function and constraints, and the user requirements for near optimality in the solution. Answers: 1 Size of the Search Space – If the search space is small then it is possible to use truly provable global search methods like enumerative search and other brute force methods. Larger search spaces require taking a more local approach, with some global and local characteristics in the algorithm. 2 Constraints – constraints do two things, limit the size of the search space and make it harder for an algorithm to follow a series of increasingly improving...
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hw1_neighborhood_search_solution - MAE 552 – Heuristic...

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