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o Introduction o Alternative Fuel sources have become a popular debate topic today. There is a variety of different choices our country, and world, have to make to improve environment and society. One option for a better, oil-less world is hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel would improve all facets of our world, from the environment to politics, by saving energy, money, and possibly lives. The research being conducted to further hydrogen fuel knowledge is a leading field in diminishing the country’s dependence on oil, especially foreign oil. o Body o Hydrogen fueled cars are powered by fuel cells instead of regular car batteries. These fuels cells will never run out of power as long as hydrogen and oxygen keep being introduced into the cell; unlike the car batteries of today which can die and need to be replaced.
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Unformatted text preview: To power the car, hydrogen and oxygen are introduced into the fuel cell, which contains an electrical current. The electrical current separates the electrons off the hydrogen once the water is formed inside the fuel cell. The electrons are screened off and then sent to power a motor and in turn power a vehicle. The fuel cell’s only waste product is harmless water. Fuel cell and hydrogen technology is sometimes called “cold combustion” because there is not heat or gasoline waste during the process of powering a motor. Hydrogen can also power cars by a different method called Hydrogen internal combustion. This method uses a slightly modified gasoline combustion engine to power the motor, but the fuel cell is more efficient and therefore more popular with car companies....
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