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The Nature of Negotiations Dr. Bruce Fortado MAN 4441 University of North Florida What factors characterize a negotiation? The complexity of these interactions make a precise definition impossible. * There are two or more parties . It may involve individuals, groups or organizations. * There are common and conflicting interests . There is the potential for interdependence and the potential to pursue alternatives. * There are limited resources (fixed resources). Each party cannot have all that he/she desires. * There is imperfect information . Perceptions and interpretations are central. A degree of uncertainty always prevails. People may tell the truth, utilize selective presentation, exaggerate, bluff, misrepresent, deceive, or falsify. * An exchange normally takes place . People tend to progressively reveal information and make reciprocal concessions. However, this can be a one-sided and unpleasant process. * If deadlines exist, the process will be shaped by this. Deadlines tend to stop stalling when the parties face similar negative consequences. However, one person may have a deadline the other does not share. This fact, if it can be discovered, will put this party at a disadvantage. * There are generally both spoken and unspoken codes of conduct. When we will meet, where we will meet. How long we will meet, etc. What is considered dirty? There are gray areas, cultural differences, etc. Yet, raising demands rather than making concessions over time, and bold faced lies, are widely condemned. * You do not have to reach an agreement . * The parties may openly be fighting, and long periods may pass with few overtures. There are four types (levels) of conflict * Intrapersonal Conflict= internal struggles, mixed feelings, ambivalence (not our central focus) 1
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* Interpersonal Conflict= conflicts between two or more people. * Intragroup Conflict (Intraorganizational Bargaining )= the bargaining that takes place within a team. This can be quite difficult, because people expect more from those close to them. *Intergroup Conflict= conflicts between organizations- warring nations, two companies, labor
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neg1 - 1 The Nature of Negotiations Dr. Bruce Fortado MAN...

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