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Communication and Persuasion in Negotiations Dr. Bruce Fortado MAN 4441 University of North Florida Communication = the verbal and physical transmission of information Persuasion = the ability to influence (alter/convince) another person, including their positions, perceptions, opinions, attitudes, etc. Over half of the ideas in conversations cannot be recalled immediately thereafter, and another quarter are lost after eight hours have passed (Schoonover, 1988: 53). Why is recognition and retention so poor? Communication Problems or Barriers * Specialized jargon from different backgrounds * Antagonism distorts reception and blocks retention * People receive many more stimuli than they can deal with (communication overload) = Do the stimuli contradict each other and confuse people? People also tend to see what they expect to see. Things that are contrary to our views are blocked out or denied. * Some people learn much better through different media * Distractions = including noise and thinking about several things at once. * Avoidance = People do not want to upset another person, so they avoid sensitive matters or give excuses. * Does the setting for the occasion fit the subject matter? For example, it would be unwise to deal with serious formal matters in an informal setting. Perceptual Influences (1) size of stimuli (2) intensity (3) contrast - expectation violation (4) novelty or familiarity - expectation violation (5) repetition (6) ordering - primacy and recency effects (people tend to remember the first and the last, with things in the middle tending to get lost) Can you trust actions more than words? It is normally assumed that actions are harder to control than words. Each person has his/her own unique style of communication (persuasion) and it takes time to get accustomed to it .
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neg6 - Communication and Persuasion in Negotiations Dr....

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