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The Social Structure of Negotiation Dr. Bruce Fortado MAN 4441 University of North Florida The Social Environment = All of the relevant parties, including the negotiators, constituents, bystanders, and the press. The complexity is determined by the size of the team, the number of negotiators, the presence of authorizing levels above, the presence of an audience, and the diversity of interests. Size and Time 1 3 6 10 15 Geometric Growth Each time you add one extra person, the complexity increases geometrically. Greater complexity normally translates into greater time requirements. When one is talking about starting with larger groups, adding an extra person has a greater impact than it would with a small group. Frequently, people reduce the complexity by selecting a spokesman to represent each group. The Audience Effect The audience effect refers to people who are representing others being tougher to deal with. If there is an audience, they will tend to dig in, posture and be more distributive. There are social costs involved when the leader fears losing face. He/she will also receive pressure when unpopular swaps are made, or even offered. When people are allowed to watch, they are more likely to be accurately informed. One can also anticipate more negotiator distractions. On one hand, when the constituents are present they will see the resistance the other side is mounting. On the other hand, the negotiator must beware appearing soft as he/she tries to work out a deal. Multiple Roles on Teams Some people designate specific members of their team to do specific tasks: such as, spokesperson, recorder, advisor, expert in some area, and observer analyzing the other team. This organization should help to alleviate the problems associated with greater size.
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neg7 - The Social Structure of Negotiation Dr. Bruce...

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