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Jake is Not in Kansas Anymore Jake is recent graduate of UNA and has taken a job with a Kansas City based British Car parts producer and distributor. Jake’s job is titled International Sales agent and is responsible for selling replacement car parts to Hong Kong. Jake is very excited, he has been asked to accompany his boss Angelina Costi on a international trip to China and Hong Kong to negotiate a new agreement with their Hong Kong distributor. Jake is excited for two reasons, first, he has never been overseas before and second, his boss is really hot. Angelina is married with a small child and has never showed any interest in Jake. Jake is surprised that when he and Angelina arrive at the airport that they will be in different parts of the plane, Jake will be in coach and Angelina will be in first class. Jake is also surprised at how the long the trip will take. It will be 3 hours to San Francisco and 14 hours to Hong Kong. However, Jake decides to really enjoy the trip, he watches the movies all four to them and has a few drinks and really does not sleep. When the plane touches down in Hong Kong, Jake is surprised that they go to the hotel and have a meeting 30 minutes after they check in. The distributor has arranged for them to have Dim Sum. Jake is surprised that Angelina appears ready for the meeting and that he is so tired that he could sleep for a week. Before Dim Sum the distributor Mr. Ricky Chan and his subordinates pass out their business cards. Jake takes their cards and stacks them on the table. He unfortunately forgets his cards and writes his name on the back of Angelina’s. He also gets very uncomfortable from his jet lag and that Ricky Chan does not talk to him during the meeting. He also has found that he was seated away from Angelina and both of Ricky’s
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Jake_is_Not_in_Kansas_Anymore - Jake is Not in Kansas...

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