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Lesson_Plan_Topic_6 - answers to the discussion board Note...

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Lesson Plan and Learning Objectives for Topic 6 Lesson Plan Welcome to my course. I have divided the course into 11 topics of study. The topics correspond to my Tegrity Video lectures. The topics covered are available in most Marketing Management textbooks. Some of my lecture material has been developed from my own experience and research so all the content will not necessarily be in the book. Therefore, please read the book relevant book chapter and then watch my Tegrity video. Learning Procedure: 1. Read the relevant book chapter. 2. Watch my Topic 1 video and take notes using a copy of my overheads. 3. Use the overheads to improve your notes. Do not rely on the overheads alone. You need to take your own notes to do well. My exams come from the overheads and my lecture material. 4. Read the case and go back to the lecture, book and other research to answer the questions associated with the case. Once you are satisfied that these are your best answers post the
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Unformatted text preview: answers to the discussion board. Note there will be due dates for each case. 5. Discuss the case answers with other students. I will grade you on your participation on the discussion board based on time, entries and other measures that are associated with the Angel software. The cases are really critical to how well you perform on the exams. If you do not get involved in the cases and really understand the content and application. 6. Take the case quiz. This quiz grade will be recorded as part of your total grade. (20%) 7. After sufficient study, take the Topics 5 and 6 Exam. Learning Objectives for Topic 6 1. Be able to critically evaluate pricing factors associated with marketing decision making. (Cob Goal 5) 2. Understand the how the Experience Curve impacts pricing strategy. 3. Understand the relationship between the PLC, Foster Curve and pricing strategy. 4. Understand and apply the concept of Penetration and Skimming price strategy....
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Lesson_Plan_Topic_6 - answers to the discussion board Note...

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