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The indefinite article The article a (an before a vowel—an apple, an ear, an Italian, an orange, an umbrella) means one, without emphasis. Therefore, it can be used only with countable nouns: A man turned on a light. She ate an apple. A woman had a book on US social policy. No specific light, apple, or book is identified. A can not be used with non-count nouns such as water, equipment, information , nor with a noun that has already been defined (through previous mention). A is usually used with singular count nouns that are not definite, identified, or limited in number: an experiment, a participant, a city, a forest, a research paper. Because it means "one," a has no plural. Sometimes no article or adjective is used with indefinite plural nouns: Do you have books on US social policy? At other times, the words some or any are used: I have som e books. I don't have any books. The definite article Once the indefinite noun has been introduced, it is afterward referred to as the: (the experiment, the participant, etc.): A man turned on a light. The man, John Smith, then sat down. This is also true with plural nouns and, usually, with non-count nouns: We conducted experiments on recombinant DNA. The results of the experiments… News has reached us from the battlefield, and the news is not good. However, persons and unique things or ideas are defined by their names. They will take either no article (usually, names of people, cities, continents, countries, lakes, parks, streets) or the (buildings, geographical regions, oceans, rivers, seas): the Atlantic Ocean, the Empire State Building, the Mississippi River. Also,
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articles-handout - Articles The indefinite article The...

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