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Module_2_-_Topic_4 - Projects See the Angel page for a link...

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Module Two: Topic Four Topic Four – Making Capital Investment Decisions 1. Read Chapter 10 and go through the additional online content 2. Listen to Sources of Value 3. Review the following video: Dr. Joel Stern of Stern Stuart defines MVA and EVA 4. Read A Manager's Guide to Valuation 5. Read Improve Your Capital Budgeting Techniques 6. Read and develop answers for the Concepts Review and Critical Thinking Questions at the end of Chapter 10. You do not have to turn these in, but make sure you study them. 7. Download and work the case study entitled Phuket Beach Hotel: Valuing Mutually Exclusive Capital
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Unformatted text preview: Projects. See the Angel page for a link to purchase the case ($3.95). There is no single right answer to this case, but you should work hard to ensure that your answers follow good capital budgeting techniques and offer good advice to the managers involved. There are some definite “wrong” things to do. Consider all the factors that you can, even though some of them may be harder to quantify. This is the real world. This homework grade is not one that can be dropped and will count for more than most other homework....
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