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COMIC BOOK CHARACTER: UNLEASHING THE HERO IN US ALL BOOK REVIEW The slogan of the book, which reads, “Power and responsibility. Truth and justice. Never-ending vigilance against the doers of evil,” aptly fits this book. At first glance the book seems just out of the ordinary, and might even be commonly mistaken for yet another tacky comic book. However, through reading and analyzing some of the chapters, it can be neatly shown that Zimmerman translates the problems in today’s world and artistically weaves it into the fantasy world of comics. He immerses himself in subtlety and symbolization of the widely known comic characters and brings out many of the underlying significances of certain human characteristics in nature. The book itself teaches many valuable lessons that comic book heroes and their villains are not just mere entertainment, but they reflect our own individual struggles with significance, justice and identity, which ultimately define us as human beings The book is divided into ten chapters which are split up just like one might have seen in an actual comic book. The book maintains it philosophical aura by explaining certain situations, but does not get too philosophical that its’ comic book character gets dragged down in dust. Overall, the book maintains a fresh, feel good theme, which provides a pleasant combination of philosophy and entertainment in whole. The main aspects which are relevant to this website are discussed in the first few chapters of the book. The book starts off generally, by giving brief descriptions of widely known comic book characters and more importantly, explains why a certain type of population religiously indulge themselves in comic books. Slowly as the book gets more specific, Zimmerman tackles issues such as insecurity, stability and courageousness by
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