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\documentstyle{article} \setlength{\textwidth}{6.6truein}\setlength{\oddsidemargin}{-.2truein} \setlength{\evensidemargin}{-.2truein}\setlength{\textheight}{9truein} \setlength{\topmargin}{-.4truein}\setlength{\headsep}{.2truein} \setlength{\footskip}{.3truein}\pagestyle{empty} \begin{document} \begin{center} {\bf EGN 5456 \hfill Intro to Computational Mechanics \hfill 10/21/96 }\\ {\it Closed book \hfill Van Dommelen \hfill 12:55-2:10 pm } \end{center} Show all reasoning and intermediate results leading to your answer. One book of mathematical tables, such as Schaum's Mathematical Handbook, may be used. \begin{enumerate} \item The velocity potential $\phi$ for compressible unsteady potential flow in a pipe satisfies \[ \phi_{tt} + 2 \phi_x \phi_{xt} + (\phi_x^2 - a^2) \phi_{xx} = 0\] Classify this equation. According to the classification, what sort of additional conditions would you need to solve this? For example, would it be appropriate to specify only the velocity
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This note was uploaded on 07/09/2011 for the course EGN 5456 taught by Professor Dommelen during the Spring '09 term at FSU.

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