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Unformatted text preview: Typical Steady State Control Volume Problem Chart 2 (Not complete material coverage) Inflow point i a105 Normally 4 variables are needed to fully determine it (since there is also an unknown velocity.) 2 known intensive variables (May get away with T only in some approximations, eg, when using saturated values as an approximation for compressed liquids.) a63 a63 a63 Tables, eg B.1.1-B.1.4; pv or Tv diagrams; v = v f + x ( v g- v f ) and similar for u , h , and s . Ideal gas (applicable?) pv = RT (4 forms) Tables A5-A8 for u , h , s . Make do with the for- mulae for differences in intensive variables listed below under Device? a63 Remaining intensive variables p,T,v, ( x, ) u,h,s . Material flow: w = W/ m q = Q/...
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