trouble - The professor will answer. \item[The professor is...

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\documentstyle[html]{article} \begin{document} \title{Trouble Shooting Check List}\date{}\author{}\maketitle Congratulations on your purchase of my class! It is one of the finest, most scientifically advanced classes available today. It has been designed to provide you with many hours of trouble-free enjoyment. In the unlikely event that the class should malfunction, please consult the check list below for possible solutions. \begin{description} \item[Class room is missing.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: Enter the Engineering Building. \item[Class terminates immediately.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: Try entering 50 minutes earlier. \item[Class room chairs are uncomfortable.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: This is an intentional design feature. Sleep while leaning forward. \item[Class room is too hot.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: Remove coat and ski-mask. \item[The professor is missing.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: Look in the front area of the class room. If the problem persists, raise your hand.
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Unformatted text preview: The professor will answer. \item[The professor is not missing.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: There is at present no solution. \item[The professor's attempts at humor are not funny.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: This is normal. No correction is required. \item[Textbook will not open.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: You are holding the unit upside-down. Turn it over so that the bound side is on your left. \item[Textbook is unhelpful.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: {\it Calvin and Hobbes} will not work with this class. Consult the class documentation for compatible textbooks. \item[Examples in the book are hard to follow.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: Try turning the book over 180 degrees. \item[Grades are too low.] \hfill\linebreak Possible solution: Give your solutions to the professor at the end of each test. \end{description} {\it Inspired by Desmond Devlin of MAD Magazine.} \end{document}...
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This note was uploaded on 07/09/2011 for the course EGN 5456 taught by Professor Dommelen during the Spring '09 term at FSU.

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trouble - The professor will answer. \item[The professor is...

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