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Unformatted text preview: J.J.Iudicello, Ph.D. Candidate Environmental Engineering University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 33124 The Concept: Ecohydrology describes the water balance in a system by examining vegetation, sediment, and soil moisture. Soil Moisture (SM)-Studies have shown:-Bacteria quantities in soil water and ground water positively correlate to water temp and SM. 2-Higher SM and temp ~ higher concentrations-Bacteria removal a function of SM-In dry antecedent conditions, all bacteria were absorbed and retained by soil. 6-Saturated soils show poor bacteria removal. 6 Vegetation-Studies have shown:-Riparian vegetation naturally filters and removes contaminants through ground- and surface waters. 2-In low-flow conditions, microbial entrapment in soil is high. 1-Microbial entrapment in soil independent of grass height. 1-Bacteria survival in soil independent of vegetation type in RBS. 3-RBS performance dependent on initial soil microbial concentrations (sink and source). 7 Sediment-Studies have shown:-In overland flow:-Bacteria cells attached to large sediment particles sink to the soil and are removed. 6-Cells unattached or attached to small sediment particles can be easily transported....
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