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Simulation of the water flow in the vadose zone of Satinleaf Tree Island, Everglades National Park (ENP) Diana B. Jo, Florida International University Abstract A simulation of water flow in the Hardwood Hammock (HH) of Satinleaf Tree Island was developed using HYDRUS 1D. The simulation was based on the van Genuchten-Mualem model. In this project, the effects of water flow in the vadose zone due to changes in precipitation were analyzed. Data collection was obtained from the USGS, SFWMD, and from literature review. Two simulations during a complete wet season and dry season were performed in HYDRUS 1D to compare the soil hydraulic properties of the site. In addition, water flow was simulated during the driest season (January) and wettest season (June). The vadose zone modeled during dry season was composed of peaty muck in the first layer and limestone underneath it. During the wet season, the vadose zone was composed of only peaty muck, due to the rise of groundwater level. During dry season, when no precipitation occurs during a month, neither infiltration nor run-off occurs, which could lead to a drastic change in vegetation patterns in the HH. Objectives
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