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Florida International University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CWR5140C – Ecohydrology Fall 2009 Term Paper Please use these as general guidelines to develop your term paper for this class. (1) Papers for review will be distributed next week using a random draw that will be conducted in class. (2) Your review paper will consist of a narrative covering the following aspects: a) Summarize the main contribution of this research, in your own words and understanding. b) Have the authors made a substantial case for the relevance of this work? Justify your answer using examples present in the paper. c) What result(s) or conclusions of this paper did you find expected
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Unformatted text preview: and unexpected, and why. d) What do you suggest is improved in the paper, i.e., if you were to write a recommendation to the authors about changing something in the paper; what would that be and why? e) Pick another paper of those read in class and compare an aspect that is common to both papers (data collected, modeling approach, results). What are the similarities and/or differences, and why do you think this similarity/difference is found. (3) How long? We are looking for a total word count of approximately 1000. (4) This paper will be due on Monday December 7 th by email only....
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