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M. J. Zecca , K. Pickering PhD, N. Adam , L. Vega Civil Engineering Department, Florida International University, Miami, Fl 33199 Abstract Previous fluid compatibility testing performed on the Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System Fluid Hose System (REFH) hygiene water dispenser assessed the impact of the hygiene water dispenser wetted materials on input fluid quality. This previous analysis of the wetted materials used in the REFH hygiene water dispenser identified several issues, notably, the potential for the filter in the hygiene water dispenser to adsorb iodine and leach high concentrations of iodide, as well as cause an increase in total organic carbon (TOC) and a decrease in pH. All anomalies were identified in the 24-hour post soak dispenser effluent. Testing was performed in order to determine the origin of the increased iodide concentrations, increased TOC concentrations and decrease in pH. Inspection of the membrane samples were conducted to identify any degradation within the filter membrane that could induce an accelerated loss of filter life. All tests were performed in triplicate and repeated with a surrogate filter material that was recommended by the manufacturer as a viable commercial alternative . Introduction The REFH system shall be compatible with iodinated water and dispense water of quality approved for personal hygiene activities for crew members aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The Project Technical Requirement Specifications for the REFH state that the system shall maintain the quality of the input fluid as specified in Table VI of SSP 50318, Prime Item Development Specification for Node 3 , when used for potable water functions. Preliminary experimental results indicate that the hygiene dispenser effluent had a reduced
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