Chapter 4 Notes

Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter Four: The Mind and Consciousness...

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Chapter Four: The Mind and Consciousness Questions to Consider: What is Sleep? What is Altered Consciousness? How do Drugs Affect Consciousness? **Skip Chapter 4 Reading: 142-128 and 162-168 I. Consciousness and Information Processing a. The unconscious mind processes information simultaneously on multiple tracks, while the conscious mind processes information sequentially. b. Interrupting: Priming words related to rudeness i. Illustrates how our behavior is affected by elements in our environment that we can’t control ii. Significantly more of those in the rude priming conditions interrupted c. Consciousness lags behind the brain events that evoke it. i. The brain jumps just a little bit ahead of conscious awareness d. Each state of Consciousness has an associated pattern of brain activity II. Consciousness is a Subjective Experience a. Miguel Nicolelis and his research on rhesus monkeys i. Teaches monkeys how to control a robotic arm with just their thoughts, planted electrodes in their brain b. John Donoghue and BrainGate i. Matthew Nigel (patient) paralyzed from neck down, can open the curtains with his thoughts; can turn on the TV with his thoughts, etc. III. Multi-Tasking a. There is a limit to how many things you can be conscious of at the same time b. Automatic vs. controlled processing i. Studying requires controlled processing IV. Splitting the Brain a. The corpus callosum connects the brain’s hemispheres b. Bundle of fibers that connect the left and right hemispheres c. Split Brain: done to patients with epilepsy because every time there is a seizure, the brain is damaged, done in an effort to isolate the seizures. d. Left Hemisphere: dominant for language e. Right Hemisphere: dominant for spatial relationships f. ***SECTION IN TEXT BOOK ON SPLIT BRAIN IS LENGTHY AND COMPLICATED, concentrate on the beginning of discussion, don’t do the last page
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Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter Four: The Mind and Consciousness...

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