Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Notes 10/20 10/22 Personal Goals...

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Chapter 9 Notes 10/20- 10/22 Personal Goals Murray proposed 27 basic psychosocial needs, such as the need for power, autonomy, achievement, and play Challenging---but not overly difficult---and specific goals are best Self-efficacy: the expectancy that your efforts will lead to success o Bandora conducted research on self-efficacy and it’s something that you can measure in students, some individuals are high and some are low and it has to do with the expectancy that what your doing will change things. o Low in self-efficacy are correlated with pessimistic attitudes o High in self-efficacy persist longer in tasks Achievement Motivation o The desire to do well relative to standards of excellence What determines How We Eat? o Time and Taste play Roles Classical conditioning of food with regular mealtimes Variety Sensory-specific satiety: refers to the feelings of fullness Food activates the pleasure centers of our brain in the frontal lobe, do become satiated with one type of food Multiple Neural Processes Control Eating o The hypothalamus is the brain structure that most influences eating o Aphasia and Hypophasia and what brain regions they’re associated with*** o Glucostatic Theory : focuses on monitoring blood glucose levels and sending those signals back to the brain and telling us when we should eat something Example: when we get shaking and know we should eat o Leptin-hormones involved in body fat
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o Ghrelin-hormones involved in body fat What factors Motivate Sexual Behavior? o Men have higher sex drives than women typically o Individual differences o Society influences- what values parents teach their kids o Alfred Kinsey: historically he did research at Indiana University in 1940’s but people didn’t really talk about sex Used an interview method, both men and women reported pre-marital sexual
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Notes 10/20 10/22 Personal Goals...

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