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problem1ch12_041_0001 - .t.w W ‘ 12-73 A car traveling...

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Unformatted text preview: ..........t..w. » W. ‘ 12-73. A car traveling along the straight portions of the ‘ road has the velocities indicated in the figure when it a . zoi arrives at points A, B, and C. If it takes 3 s to go from A _ to B. and then 5 s to go from B to C, determine the ‘ " m” ‘31:” average acceleration between points A and B and we - 401 between points A and C. _£ . 21.21I-r211u-ml M At -———3 a“ -{o.40u+1mu.1.' A. 12-74. A particle moves along the curve y = a" such , that its velocity has a constant magnitude of u - 4 Me. I Determine the x and y components of velocity when the j: 23‘: [11 ! particle is at y = 5 ft. Bm.i-o.andyso,.1hu.aq.[l]hecomee I 9’ a 2:210, HEB. 9:4”!- 1.1m fufi+£ ”1+0; I16 Solvh: 81mm III! [3)!“ 8’ C" ill-41+“, III! I)" 1+“ My-sa Sagu'xsmflm. 9' 54".]..Ws0398m: An- .«umi M 0’ a a W = 3.98 I 12-15. The path ofa particle is defined by y’ = 4n, and the component of velocity along the y' axis is v, = a. J" '4’“ f where both It and c are constants. Determine the x and y components of acceleration. 2% = 41w; 2v§+2ya, =4“. v,-ct 0,2: Au 2m? + 2x = “a. fits-23041.11) Al- ...
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