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Final Project Description: Computer Aided Engineering Due Date: A report of the project and a presentation is due on December 4, 2003 Overview The overall guidelines for the final project is the combination of material discussed in class, in lab, and in this document. The outline of material in this document is the expected outline for your project/report. Each section should discuss, in your own words, some of the material found in the various sections of this project description. Do not cut and paste these paragraphs in your report; but you should certainly make appropriate points in your project report that are made in the paragraphs below. Final Project Goals The general goals of the final project are to complete the solid model of your ab-roller as well as to develop a finite element model of your ab-roller CAD model. The ab-roller will be modeled using various elements: beams, springs, shell and solid elements. Loads will be applied to the ab-roller (both a mechanical load to the handles and a gravity load), and a static analysis will be performed to determine the deflected shape and stress distribution in the supporting structure of the ab-roller. A final project report of this effort will be required as will a presentation. The report will include a description of: the CAD model and the process followed to make that CAD model, the FE modeling techniques used to model the various components of the ab-roller, the weights used for the various ab-roller components, the loads used in the model, the supporting boundary conditions, and finally the deflected shapes and stress results based on the loading. Various plots to help describe these detailed aspects of the FE modeling of the ab-roller will be expected as part of the report. More details for each of these areas can be found below. Solid Model The CAD geometry will be discussed in class. The CAD model should be discussed, including the details in developing the model with corresponding plots of the various components. Any detailed dimensions or sketches of the ab-roller should be included in the report. The description of the solid model and the corresponding drawings and sketches should provide the reader with enough information to create the ab-roller from scratch using only your report. This description should also include details of the process that was followed to create the solid model. The detail level that is expected is the general command that was used in creating various features of the solid model (in general, the commands you can view in the history tree). The level of detail that includes literally every step that was performed is not expected or desired. A finite element model is expected of the ab-roller. Since we are developing FE models of the various components of the ab-roller, it is important that the CAD model that is used for the basis of the FEM model should not contain unnecessary detail. For example,
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in your CAD model, you could have used fillets. It is highly recommended that small
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Final Project Description - Final Project Description:...

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