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HW#14: Computer Aided Engineering Due: 11/20. This homework will be part of your final project which consists of modeling and analyzing an ab-roller. For this homework you will create the gusset plates and connect them to the wheel assembly created in HW 13 (incorrectly labeled HW 12 previously). Gusset Plate A shell mesh should be generated on the outer surface of the gusset plate. The element size should be chosen as 0.5 inches to be consistent with the size elements in the bullet. Before the mesh is generated, “anchor points” should be generated on the surface at the axial location of each axle. This will cause nodes to be generated at the axial location on the gusset plate. These nodes will be nodes that the axle, modeled as beam elements, will be attached to. One of the problems of connecting a shell element to a solid element is that there is a
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Unformatted text preview: “hinge line” along the line connecting the two elements. This means no moment (about the line connecting each element) can be transferred across the boundary. Since the gusset plate does transfer moment into the bullet, a plan must be in place to transfer this moment. This can be achieved by placing shell elements on an adjacent face of the solid where the shell is attached to the solid nodes. The easiest way to achieve this is to place shell elements on the planer surface that partitions the bullet solid region from the gusset region. These shells can have the same thickness as the other shell elements. These shells should reference a MID that has the same elastic properties as the other shells, but will eventually be assigned a density of 0.0 since its use is only to transfer moment. The geometry of the gusset will be discussed in class....
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